Nov. 24th, 2016

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Happy Thanksgiving! (We're having Thanksgiving dinner this weekend since dad's in California and couldn't get a flight in time, but that's alright.) I am soooo thankful I found an anti-depressant that works..I feel happy, alive and like a new person. This year by far has been better than last year. I know how depressed I was, but it still surprises me to read old posts and surveys and stuff and see how miserable I was. I would cry in bed and was getting in a scary state of mind..if I hadn't got help when I did..*shudders* It was hard just existing. I am NEVER taking happiness for granted again, and I'm definitely not going to let myself get depressed like that again. I'm sure everyone who has known me long enough has noticed (mom was getting very worried). Thank you, Prozac. :P lol

I'm also thankful for Cherry (shut up LOL). He is also a source of inspiration and strength..if I'm in a tough spot, I'll think "stick it stick it" or some other quote in my head (such a weird saying, but it really does work lol). He was an amazing person, and I love him <3

There are so many other things to be thankful for (family, my job, etc), but this post would turn huge lol. I love them too <3

speaking of cherry, have more pics of him :P )


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