Sep. 26th, 2016

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Aw yay! I put it above my bed..but I might have to move it if Abby scratches at it (I told her she can look, but she can't touch it LOL. Other people have posters of Justin Bieber and other random celebrities...I have one of a long-dead Antarctic explorer LOL. Cherry is way cooler anyway :P)

Speaking of Abby..
 photo 14463062_1405136239511527_2789380496548322932_n_zpsvtddxh4x.jpg
Hmm, I think she loves me haha (ooh, I need to post pics of my new bookshelves too!)

So one thing Cherry did in Antarctica was to help write their newspaper, The South Polar Times (that's what he's doing in my poster lol). I wondered if it still existed anywhere, and it does, though in a facsimile (a reprint that looks like the original). Someone was selling three copies for $30,000!!! I found one that was pricey, but reasonable enough that I couldn't resist buying it haha (I was squeeing so hard I literally could not talk when trying to tell mom about the awesome book I found..I just started laughing haha!). This is what it looks like:
 photo md17078487785_zpstmqeolp5.jpg
That's gonna be so cool to read!!

The color of your hair )

Today's trivia: The Tanzanian parasitic wasp is the smallest winged insect with a wingspan of 0.2 millimeters. It's smaller than the eye of a housefly


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