Sep. 1st, 2016

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Saturn Run by John Sandford and Stein (July 28-Aug 9)
A Walk to the Pole: To the Heart of Antarctica in the Footsteps of Scott by Roger Mear (Aug 9-16)
Legs on Everest by Mark Inglis (Aug 16-20)
A Cat Named Squeeky by Vic Reskovic (Aug 21-22)
Cherry: A Life of Apsley Cherry-Garrard by Sara Wheeler (Aug 27-30)
Crossing Antarctica by Will Steger and Jon Bowermaster (Aug 23-31). This book sounded like a modern Worst Journey in the World..I'm surprised Cherry was never mentioned! (Though they did mention Scott, but still :P)

Sara's book had lots of great info about Cherry, but man the last half of the book was depressing..poor Cherry. :( He had bad health the rest of his life (I'm actually surprised he lived into his 70s) and felt guilty he couldn't save his friends. He sounded like a great guy before all that..he was grumpy when he was older. Here are some other things I learned:

His full name was Apsley George Benet Cherry-Garrard. Wow. He was originally just Apsley Cherry and then inherited Garrard from his great aunt's will (and a lot of money..but they had to become Garrards to get it. The Apsleys and the Garrards sounds like an awesome band name lol)

He was almost 5'10, so he must slouch in pictures lol. At 5'4, Birdie was pretty short, and I think another guy was around 4'11!

He took fencing and Latin in awesome is that??!

He was shy, introverted, caring, loved animals and nature, prone to anxiety..he kinda reminded me of myself! The other people on the expedition were always writing how caring and selfless and helpful he was..he got the nickname "Cheery" because he smiled all the time. Awwww. <3 He said that his years in the Antarctic were his happiest. After he got back home he helped other members pay for medical things and stuff

He didn't get glasses till he was 15! I can't imagine not being able to see properly for that long! He was VERY self-conscious wearing them though, which is why there are practically no pictures of him with his glasses on. I like trying to spot them though, like one time I spotted them on his plate haha!

He was scared of women (he said so himself) and didn't think he'd ever be comfortable marrying someone..but he did! She was 20 years younger than him and they got along great (must have been hard when his health was bad..there was one time he couldn't get out of bed for a year!). I also feel I'd never be comfortable in a relationship, but if Cherry did it, maybe I can too!

It took him 10 years to write The Worst Journey in the He was encouraged by George Bernard Shaw to write it. He also knew people like A.A. Milne, H.G. Wells, and went to school with George Mallory, who disappeared while climbing Mt. Everest in the 20s

He only ever did one TV interview..he was too shy to do any more. I wonder if that can be found anywhere..I'd love to hear his voice!

I don't really want to write about his later years, it depresses me too much..though he did have good months in between illnesses. Younger Cherry was great though, and I love his friendship with Birdie! (Birdie was a great guy too, he never tired, even after doing the heaviest work and was always optimistic. He offered Cherry his down sleeping bag when Cherry's was basically a lump of ice..Cherry didn't want to accept because he didn't want to "feel like a brute" but Birdie insisted so he could get some sleep. He asked Birdie if he'd be ok and he said "I'm alright, I'm always alright." I'm so sad he died with Scott after they went to the South Pole :(). Even if it was depressing, I'm glad there's a biography about him. It would have been cool to have known him when he was younger, he sounded like a great guy :D

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Today's trivia: Cephalgia is the scientific term for headache


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