Aug. 30th, 2016

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Yesterday mom and I drove home from was even sunnier, if that's even possible lol (weirdly enough, my coworker friend Kathy was also in Valdez this weekend! She went to Columbia Glacier..we both couldn't believe how nice the weather was lol). We had another nice breakfast with Thea and I think her boyfriend's name is Bob. They're fun people lol, I added Thea on Facebook. :P It was sunny the whole way back, which is impressive! I was sad seeing how much Worthington Glacier had retreated when we hiked up there..poor glacier. :( We found a few geocaches on the way back too..nicee. I also spotted Castner Glacier in the Alaska's tricky if you don't know where to look (and if there's snow)..not a fast look either since the trees get in the way, so I'm excited when I spot it lol. I think that glacier is a popular hiking/research spot. Poor Black Rapids Glacier is still there, but you can't see much of it anymore. :( Valdez is absolutely one of my favorite places..even when it's raining it's beautiful. <3 I love that I can take a two or three hour drive and just see glaciers everywhere! It makes me wonder how people can live in big cities and miss out on all that! My pics are talking forever to upload, so I'll post them tomorrow :P

I had to go to the doctor for the stupidest thing ever lol..I've been having bad anxiety and depression again...because of Cherry. I just could NOT get him off my mind, and it made me depressed that he was depressed and in bad health the rest of his life after coming back from Antarctica. And I was sad I'll never be an explorer like I'm wasting my life or something. My regular doctor didn't have anything available today, so I saw another doctor. I was super embarrassed to have to say that my crush on a long-dead explorer was making me crazy LOL. OMG I can't believe what the doctor wrote in his report though..I am not making this up: "she is perseverating in her ruminations about this historical figure. I want her to use clonazepam 1 mg up to twice daily as required to reduce the compulsion of the rumination." Hahahah what!! Clonazepam is like Xanax, but not as potent I think. I hope it helps till I can see my regular doctor. (This could be a funny conversation.."why did you last go to the doctor?" "I have a crush on a long-dead explorer that was making me crazy, what about you?" OMG lol.) I seem to be doing better now, so maybe it's helping. Having anxiety is so annoying! lol

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Today's trivia: The back of the Nobel Peace Prize medal depicts three naked men with their hands on each other's shoulders


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