Aug. 26th, 2016

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I love this pic of Cherry!! I had forgotten what his official role was in the expedition till I found this pic..the caption said he was the assistant zoologist. OMG that just makes me like him even more haha! I thought he was wearing his iced-up glasses, but now I'm not the pic below there's a guy wearing goggles, so maybe they're goggles instead. *shrugs* I was squeeing so much when I found this pic last night LOL (is it just me, or is he kinda short? Maybe it's his slouching? It seems like he should be taller lol)

 photo 18d98211-7ce4-41f0-8445-4c6238e3a4fc_zpsirmemwnf.jpg
Awesome group shot! I found the same pic with captions saying who everyone is, but it's too small. I saw this one first though, and correctly guessed that Cherry is the second person in back row! I could feel the Cherry Aura again haha (I'm glad his jacket is white with big pockets, that makes it easier to pick him out haha)

Tomorrow mom and I are going to Valdez! Yay, I get to talk about something other than Apsley Cherry-Garrard :P (*shivers* I LOVE TYPING HIS NAME). The forecast for Sunday when we do the glacier cruise is partly cloudy and 39 degrees..and it'll be even colder by the glacier. It says clear for Monday when we drive back..I hope it'll be nice lol

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