Aug. 16th, 2016

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Ugh, I've been trying to fill out a survey for like..30 minutes but then it asked me if I had a crush. I had to give up and so I'm gonna write about Cherry instead lol (I have to get it out somewhere lol). I CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT HIM. I haven't had a crush like this on someone for a long time lol (I feel like a teenager again!) It's kind of annoying though since it's hard for me to think about anything else right now (like I wanna fill out surveys..but..CHERRY *stares into nothing for five minutes* Writing this post is making me crazy cause I keep doing just that..and holding my head in my hands wondering why I can't concentrate!) I just want to watch that one docudrama over and over..even if it's just an actor playing Cherry, I don't care lol. Simple things from it like him pushing his glasses up (his glasses for some reason are a huge turn on for me lol) make me tingly and gleeful when I think about it LOL (though weirdly enough, I've only seen one picture of him with his glasses on!). There is actual video of him, which I should post here someday lol. It's weird various pics of him, he looks SO different in them!

some pics, to show what i mean )

OMG that took WAY too long, but I came across some great pics! Now I'm gonna try to do something else :P (I'm gonna look at this post years later and be totally embarrassed, but oh well :P)

Today's trivia: During the Dust Bowl, people sewed clothes out of flour sacks when money was tight. When flour distributers heard about this, they made their bags more colorful so the subsequent clothing would be more attractive


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