Aug. 2nd, 2016

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FAIRBANKS — The combined months of June and July 2016 are shaping up to be the second wettest on record, a National Weather Service forecaster said Sunday.

“It’s definitely quite a bit wetter than normal,” lead forecaster Bob Fischer said.

Rainfall in Fairbanks was 8.16 inches, adding up both June and July, as of 3 p.m. Sunday.

The record for the combined period of June-July was set in 2014 when 9.34 inches of precipitation fell in Fairbanks, Fischer said.

July 2016 by itself is also one for the record books. Fischer anticipates it will rank fourth with 4.96 inches of rain.

The rainiest July on record was in 2003 with 5.96 inches of rain.

Fischer is expecting things to dry up a bit going into August, though flood advisories in the Interior remain in effect — some through early Tuesday morning.

“There is still a lot of water coming downstream,” Fischer said.

The Chena River continues to flood a bike path that runs under the Barnette Street Bridge, and spot flooding has been reported in low-lying areas of Fairbanks.

Wow. They keep canceling the Rubber Ducky Race and the River Regatta since the river is so high. August is usually our rainy month (especially during the fair :P), though I hope it dries up like the forecaster said

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Today's trivia: US president James Buchanan would regularly buy slaves in Washington, take them to Pennsylvania, and quietly set them free


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