Jun. 28th, 2016

Rainy June

Jun. 28th, 2016 04:41 pm
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FAIRBANKS — For the second time in three years, Fairbanks is chasing a rain record in June.

After the deluge on Sunday and Monday, the monthly total for rainfall at Fairbanks International Airport rose to 3.2 inches — less than half an inch shy of the all-time record.

“It’s certainly not out of the realm of possibility,” said Rick Thoman, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Fairbanks.

No matter what happens the final three days of the month, 2016 already ranks fourth all time for total rainfall in the month of June since reporting began in 1912.

Heading into the weekend, the airport had recorded 2.42 inches of rain in this month, but the thunderstorm that struck the Interior on Sunday brought another 0.44 inches, followed by another 0.38 inches Monday morning.

The amount of rainfall at the airport this June is more than double normal. To put the precipitation in perspective, the airport received more rain on Sunday than in the entire month of June 2013.

To get the record, this month would have to surpass 3.56 inches, the mark set just two years ago, in 2014. That year, an eleventh-hour shower late in the evening on June 30 brought 0.1 inch of rain, just enough to break a tie for first place between 2014 and 1949.

The airport would need to record 0.36 inches of rain before midnight Thursday to tie the record, but Thoman said it wouldn’t be totally surprising.

"The airport received more rain on Sunday than in the entire month of June 2013." WOW! That's crazy haha. At least it's sunny again after raining all day yesterday. It would be cool to break the record, just because haha

I love seeing my doctor and being able to say how well I'm doing..I get excited to tell her! Weird how Prozac works when all the other ones just stopped, but I'll take it :P

List three undesirable characteristics that you have )

Today's trivia: In 1968, Steve McPeak traveled from Chicago to Los Angeles on a unicycle. The trip took him six weeks


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