Jun. 17th, 2016

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1. Do you like smiling? I love smiling! It makes people feel better, even just a little bit. I like bringing happiness to people in a crazy world :)
2. Would you call yourself a happy or solemn individual? I try to be happy, but I have off days too
3. What was that last thing that made you smile or laugh? My cat probably lol
4. Do you believe that laughter is the best medicine? Yeah, it definitely helps
5. Are you smiling now? No, too busy snacking LOL

Today at work we had our annual Customer Appreciation Sale, where most everything in the store is 50% off and we also have a "yard" sale. It was CRAZY..I don't think I'd ever see it THAT busy before. Last year it poured rain and we had to bring everything inside and I was having a panic attack from the craziness..this time I asked just to be on the register..for some reason I just feel calmer and "together" on the register. I still made mistakes before I found my rhythm, but everyone on the register did and they're easily fixed, so it's not a huge deal. I definitely felt much calmer this time..the Prozac I bet helped too. That medicine is amazing! One reason we had so many people was possibly cause of the weather..unlike last year, it's sunny and HOT. When it was time for me to leave they had to practically drag me off the register cause I was having fun LOL. I got a basketful of books and a couple yard sale things for only $21.00! When I left, we had made over $2100!! We are awesome lol

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