Apr. 17th, 2016

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Last night mom and Bonnie and I went to a program called Dark Winter Nights..it's where regular people tell a story of something that happened to them in Alaska (they broadcast it on the radio too). My favorite story was told by a guy who used to drive the buses in Denali. He was having a great time engaging the tourists and getting them to sing and they were seeing cool animals..but there was one person he kept looking at, a 10 year old boy with just a blank stare on his face..this group of people kept trying to engage him and encourage him but nothing happened. When they stopped for a break his mom came up and said his dad shot himself right in front of the kid a year ago and he hadn't said a word since..they were with a prayer group and they thought a trip to the wilderness would help the kid. The tour guide got a drum out and started singing and he was drumming with the kid's hand in his..and then he just started mouthing the words and beating the drum harder and harder till he destroyed the drum and fell to the ground. He said the kid's first words were "I'm thirsty" LOL. After that the kid kept asking questions and him mom was just sobbing. Wow. He said that now the guy is training to be on a talk show radio I think

Another powerful one was this guy who helped build the new Black Rapids Lodge (I think he served us lunch when we stopped there once). He and his friend and dog were caught in an avalanche while backcountry skiing..he was able to dig himself out, but it took two hours and he knew his friend and dog were dead. A couple months later he went back and dug them out..the dog was curled up by his friend and had a paw on his shoulder..OMG. So sad, but the dog provided comfort till the very end. I loved how people kept saying that even though Alaska can be a hard place to live, everyone bands together and helps each other. Alaska is our home, with amazing experiences (like one person said they saw amazing Northern Lights at a hot springs) and nice like-minded people :D

There was also a cute reindeer you could take pictures with!
 photo 12987229_1241829942508825_1986301895996131218_n_zpsmpkr6iyc.jpg
I pretty much turn into a five year old when I'm around animals LOL ("it's so cuteee!!!")
 photo 13000377_1241829939175492_7917223484229179392_n_zpsnxgbhrnx.jpg

We also found three geocaches, so it was a successful day :D

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