Feb. 22nd, 2016

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Today was our last day in Hawaii. The guys went on another bike ride since they hated their other one. Mom took them, so it was just me and Patty and Susan for half the day. We went shopping again for a couple hours and then went swimming and hung out by the pool. I fed the birds out of my hand again, awww. The guys enjoyed the ride, though they got in trouble for being on private property. After more hanging out we went to dinner..Susan was like "if Jack and Danny get drunk again we are NOT going!" She wanted a nice dinner and not like the dinner the other day. Instead of being loud and crazy, this dinner was subdued..so weird lol. We took some family pics (siblings, etc) and then went back to the hotel

Except for the drama just being in a large group brings, I'm glad I got to see them again. I hope any of them can visit us some day. Seeing Hawaii again was nice too, though I'm tired of the hot intense sun haha. I'm disappointed we only found 7 geocaches, but it's hard when you're with other people that don't geocache too. I hope we can get more tomorrow before we leave. I hope the flight to Seattle isn't as long as when we flew here from there. I'll post the rest of my pics when I get home. It'll be nice to see Abby again hehe


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