Feb. 16th, 2016

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I am in Hawaii! The redeye flight to Seattle was faster than normal (the pilot was proud of that I think lol)..we got there at like 4 or 5 AM..ugh, being awake that early is the worst. D: We had breakfast and hung around for a few hours till our next flight left. The plane was too heavy and they were begging for volunteers to go on a later flight (as far as I know, only one person volunteered and they needed 8 altogether). Later we learned they had moved some luggage to a different flight..luckily ours came, but jeez, they should tell you that BEFORE you even take off!! There was a lady traveling with her cat, which I had to say hi to hehe. That flight must have been one of the LONGEST I've ever been on..it felt never ending!! When I'd already watched a movie and thought we'd been in the air 2-3 hours I asked a flight attendant how much longer we had..she was like "a long time still, 3 or 4 more hours!" Ughhh. I watched He Named Me Malala..she is so amazing..she said she has no ounce of hatred for the Taliban that shot her..wow. She seems funny and has a great relationship with her family. I also watched Inside Out..it started out funny and seemed interesting, but then it just got weird lol. It kinda weirded me out how Riley looked so much like me haha. I probably could have watched another movie too, but I was too tired and wanted to save some for the trip back. Mom and I were so happy when they announced they were serving Mai Tais haha..I'd never had one before, it was pretty good! The line for the bathroom was pretty crazy too..everyone seemed to get up at once and we were always having to squeeze past everyone..a flight attendant said the "waste" was full before we landed..wow lol. I was so happy to finally land in Kona..phew! It was kinda weird seeing family I hadn't seen in ages..Susan, Carl, Jack, Patty and Danny are here so far. Carl's hair is longer than mine, and with his beard he looks so much like dad! After we got settled I had to take a nap and now we're just relaxing. It is SUPER windy here today..makes for good white noise though. Now time to find a Jacuzzi and then bed! I wonder what we're gonna do tomorrow..


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