Jan. 24th, 2016

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On Friday I had an appointment with a naturopath..mom wants me to get off the medicines I'm taking (they seem to be making me worse, not better) and I just need to be healthier. I had been curious about trying natural medicines too, so I wanted to go too. The naturopath (Aimee) said that the right diet can help relieve symptoms of anxiety and stuff..she said to go gluten free for a couple weeks to see if that helped anything, but that freaked me out, so I'm just gonna incorporate some gluten free stuff for now (I really need to lose weight, so I'm curious to see if that'll help with losing weight). Hopefully there are some yummy gluten free snacks I can find, since snacking is definitely a weakness lol. They can test you for food allergies, so maybe I should do that too (though it's expensive). Aimee also gave me a couple tinctures, one for anxiety/depression and another for a fungus on my feet (lol sorry TMI :P). She made them just for me, which is super cool! I'm supposed to drink a couple syringefulls of the one for anxiety/depression, and it definitely tastes SUPER planty lol..mom called it "herbalicious," which is a great word to describe it too haha. There are probably more things she could give me, but she didn't want to overload me lol. I hope the natural stuff works, I definitely need to be healthier and happier

That 7.1 earthquake in southern Alaska sounded pretty crazy..people even felt it up here! I was a little jealous of people on Facebook who live down there going crazy about it lol..though that big of an earthquake sounds scary D:

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