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Yesterday we arrived at Payson! Getting up at 5 something was totally fun..yuck (you know you've gotten up too early when you put your glasses on and your vision is still blurry LOL). I wish I could have seen Denali or something, but between the darkness, clouds and moisture on the window from the de-icer thingy, I could hardly see anything lol (yeah I know I've flown around it many times, but I never get tired of seeing it :P). When we landed in Anchorage we had to RUN to our next flight, since the plane arrived late in Fairbanks to begin with (they let everyone who was going on that flight get off first..thanks Alaska Airlines, you are awesome!!). I hadn't run that far in years LOL. We made it just in time, phew. The captain of this flight was a woman, heck yeah! She was super awesome and nice and funny. I looked for glaciers after we took off, but I only saw one for sure. I wish I knew which one it was (I couldn't get a good pic with my phone, booo)'s so hard to tell when you're not exactly sure where you are and when everything's so snowy lol. It was pretty big and ended in water though, which was cool. I wanted to see more, but apparently when you fly directly to Phoenix you go over more of the ocean than land (direct to Phoenix is almost 5 hours from Anchorage). On the flight I watched Kubo and the Two Strings (very, VERY good movie) and Ice Age: Collision Course ("the ice is too icy" LOLOL)..pretty ridiculous but still amusing lol. After we landed and got the car and stuff we ate at a yummy barbecue place near Phoenix and then drove up to was cool seeing everyone's Christmas lights! Sleeping was nice lol (Also after I opened Pokemon Go at the airport like 10 Pokemon showed up at once haha..lots of Ekans and Sandshrews here lol..I got at least two new ones, yay! At the BBQ place there were two Pokestops right on top of each other! I'd never seen that before :P)

Except for going to the store, today's been pretty lazy lol. Ryan has a cold, ouch. I hope he doesn't give it to us! Being sick on vacation is awful. The weather's cloudy and it's supposed to snow this weekend..noooo, I came here to ESCAPE the snow, not find more LOL

One thing I love about coming to Payson is reading stuff I wrote when I was a kid and stuff, even if I read it last time I was here lol (dad put a box by my room that had school binders in it..pretty sure I had written on every inch of those things haha). I found a school journal entry that I have to share here:

Feelings about The Diary of Anne Frank: I learned that you should have a positive attitude no matter what situation you are in. Anne Frank always had a positive attitude. Even when she was in the concentration camps she never gave up hope that she would get out of there. While she was in hiding, she never gave up hope that they would go back to their normal lives. I think everyone needs to have a positive attitude like Anne Frank had

Wow..WOW. That's deep for a middle schooler!! I guess I got my positivity from Anne Frank then..there aren't enough "wows" in the world to describe how I felt after reading that..

 photo 15492502_1518526884839128_7726795189613351531_n_zpsohlyqyh4.jpeg
Leaving Anchorage
 photo 15589635_1518527091505774_2564225123935819515_n_zpsh7qqtoh7.jpeg
The Chugach Mountains, and the Seward Highway I think
 photo 15665949_1518527324839084_6622854102725646881_n_zpssdnedexz.jpeg
 photo 15665500_1518527254839091_2109173896024356549_n_zpsvrideakg.jpeg
The ice looked so cool!!
 photo 15672856_1518527468172403_2882008319461758503_n_zpsival32ri.jpeg
 photo 15590028_1518527801505703_8700808252425736622_n_zpsaaqdn7jb.jpeg
The pilot said this was Area 51! Didn't see any aliens though :P
 photo 15590394_1518527951505688_7829723410474245696_n_zpseamsnebk.jpeg
 photo 15542336_1518527651505718_4080745671499312327_n_zpshtyc9a88.jpeg
 photo 15622042_1518527838172366_7605237890822712088_n_zps3vvg4obq.jpeg
Weird volcano..thing?? Haha
 photo 15578739_1518528051505678_7968187552362701137_n_zps297ybb2x.jpeg
The Grand Canyon
 photo 15621631_1518528164839000_4932968068381282402_n_zps5vihtexc.jpeg
A bad pic of Gilbert's (where we ate) water tower lit up with Christmas colors lol


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