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1. From what stores is it impossible for you to emerge empty-handed? Bookstores usually lol
2. Where do you go when you need to spend a little bit of make-me-feel-better money? A bookstore, or I'll get a smoothie
3. What store did you used to frequent but no longer find appealing? Limited Too LOL
4. If you opened your own retail store (not a food-service establishment), what would be its theme, name, and target clientele? A bookstore, everyone!
5. If you had to purchase all your friends’ gifts at one store for the rest of your life, which would you choose? maybe..

a picture survey for the bored and/or photography enthusiasts
the photo can be of you with these things, the things on their own, creative!

1. the first thing you see when you walk into your house
 photo 15578744_1508322349192915_6946264934967031763_n_zpsk5ff0sr2.jpeg

1. the first thing you see when you walk into your house
2. an electrical outlet
3. the floor of your bedroom
4. your favorite place to sit
5. a clock
6. the kitchen sink
7. an oven mitt
8. a bookshelf
9. an old shopping bag
10. the best view in the house
11. the view from your bedroom window
12. your silverware drawer
13. a stuffed animal
14. something you like that's hanging on the wall
15. the toilet paper dispenser
16. your favorite pair of shoes
17. an instrument
18. where you usually eat
19. your favorite food in the refrigerator
20. a lamp
21. the camera you're using
22. something blue
23. your favorite pillow
24. something you really like
25. you and your computer with your survey site opened up
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